We are George & Marie, based on the big-small city of Heraklion in Crete Island, the southern Island of Greece. With a multidisciplinary background in fashion and other creative fields, we made our first steps into wedding filmmaking in 2018.. and here we are!

Every wedding has its own unique sense of style and personality.. our style is photojournalistic, means we are non-directorial, but more observant and unobtrusive. Our main focus is to document your special day as it authentically happens, with a cinematic approach for the final cut. We want every film to be a unique emotional experience for our couples, a piece of art that’s compelling, fun, and timeless.

We are humbled to have been able to shoot beautiful weddings all all over Crete, as well as incredible destination weddings around Greece.

“to share & to hold

a universe of thoughts, fleeting moments and emotional legacy”

Greek wedding short film in Crete.

Its always a new challenge to see through the eyes of a married couple as an artist.. the circumstances on a wedding day, your skills & vision, not always fulfill your ambition to express completly. But going through theses kind of experiences you realise that there are endless creative ways to experience life, blend images, music and reality into a visual language that speaks in subconsious ways into your heart.


Dewy Elopement in Crete.

The landscape in Kedrodasos is absolutely mystical and elusive, combined with the clear blue waters, will captivate your eyes, a beautiful forest of cedars that stretches along the rocky coast. The trunks and branches of the cedars are dehydrated during summer, with the movement of the sand their deep roots come to the surface, making them look like delicate postmodern sculptures that are exposed along the coast. The beach is full of juniper or cedar trees and sand dunes, reminiscent of a tropical beach. Small sea cedars belong to the species Juniperus oxycedrus and Juniperus phoenicea. A seductive elopement film in Crete featuring the influencers Alex Apostolakiss & Evi Kalogridi, coordination by Barbara Pavloudakis for Cora Weddings, in collaboration with the filmakers Marie Tzagkaraki, Manos Kasapakis.

true stories will never date

About a Higher Purpose.

Its been hours and hours, days and weeks and months of editing.. experimentation, improvisation, rendering and repeat.. stress, fear and tiredness crush you down in this long creative process..

You wake up everyday hunting for money, perfection, recognition and fame within the values that define you as human.. but at the end you're still alone, because no one understand your sacrifices, no one can share your pain, no one believes in you. Inspiration against time, time against life, artist against the creation, freedom against personal believes.. and still you have so much love to give.


Marie Tzagkaraki

"a passionate individual"



"unconventional cat”


George Stratigis

"embrace your vision”


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For reaching us, social media is a good idea (messenger, whatsapp, instagram). But e-mail is always better for inquiries, date availability and pricing request.. please, include a description about your wedding day style/concept or any additional information. We try to answer your message within 48 hours. If you haven’t got any response from us, please check your junk/spam folder, or contact us again on socials, sms or call us. (+30) 6974123152 (+30) 6946399464

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